Why writing your goals are so important?

I have been writing my yearly goals every December. For the past 5 years, it has made a lot of difference in my life. This year I have met almost all my goals and have done few things beyond my goals too. I write only 10 goals for the entire year. I divide them as based on priorities. To begin with, write goals that are achievable.

Tracking goals are as important as writing them


Set priority for each goal

Set priorities based on what’s important for you. I set them into three categories. P0's are highest priority ones and next comes P1's which are important ones. P2 ‘s are something you like to do once or twice a year. I try to keep them in my goals as well. ex: I like to do art using chalk pastel so I added it here. I also have have MET, NOT MET and IN PROGRESS as dropdown. At the beginning of the year I set them all as “NOT MET”. I change them to “IN PROGRESS” when I start working on them. Some goals are “In progress” always. ex: exercising and eating healthy.

I look at my goals spreadsheet (Google sheets) every month to see if I am on track. Every quarter, I see how far I am and may be revisit the set priority. If you have not done something in the first half of the year probably you chose a wrong goal. A big goal can be broken down into smaller one. Either track them monthly or quarterly basis.

Write your achievements in a personal journal

I also have a personal journal which I named “Achievements”. I write down even the smallest accomplishment I have made. I look at this journal whenever something is not going right or when I feel bit down. This helps me to get back in track. I also have my desktop wallpapers which motivates me like the example below.

motivational quote

Celebrate your success

I celebrate my successes, even the smallest one. I bought myself a glass pen for going beyond my goals this year.

glass pen set

I should say I did not meet any goals during the 1st year. Second year, I met some of them and from third year I have mostly met them. Just stick to this and by the end of year, mostly your goals will be “MET”. I hope this post motivates at least a few of you to get started with 2022. Here is the template if you are interested.

Thanks for reading! Have a goal filled 2022.



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